Home Staging and Curb Appeal

     One of the first steps to preparing a home for sale is staging. This process serves several purposes:
1: To attract buyers
2: To bring out the features in your house
3: Prepare you for moving on to your new home
     It is understandable that after living in your home you may not realize all that you have accumulated and it is only natural to personalize a home to your tastes. However, when you are preparing to put your home up on the market it is important to remember that by putting your house on the market you are now selling a product.
     The outside of the house is the first thing people see and in some cases is all they will ever see. If the exterior is not well maintained people are inclined to believe that the inside is going to be in similar condition.
     Make sure to remove any items from the exterior of your home that you are not intending to sell with the house. This may include:

Personalized paving stones
Lawn décor
Childrens Toys
Vehicles not in use
ATV’s and boats
Wind chimes

    By removing these items it will help give your home a less cluttered appearance and allow for buyers to see your house and not your things. Now that you have less to maneuver around make sure that any plants and hedges are trimmed. It is also very important to remove dead plants, weeds and if needed any wasp/bee nests.
     You don’t want your buyers focusing how much work they are going to have to do when they move in, instead try to clear the slate so they can imagine living there. For this reason making sure your house looks move in ready on the outside will help to increase interest.
      Looking at your house from the roof down pay attention to details if your roof has moss on it make sure that it is cleaned and removed. Gutters should be cleared of any debris; one good rain and clogged gutters might just manage to soak your potential buyers and wash away offers in one fell swoop.
     Siding and paint can make a world of difference on how a house is viewed as well. Neutral colors are best as most people are drawn to warm and inviting colors. Bold and vibrant colors may mean considerably less interest due to the personalization of the colors used.  Paint can also update an older style home to appeal to a broader market. In some cases you may be able to power wash the exterior to remove built up dust and dirt and help to increase the clean appearance of the house. Washing the windows and cleaning screens will also help to increase the amount of natural light in the house as well as improving the appearance outside.
     Also take note and repair any calking that is missing or weather worn. Repair any loose boards or railings on decks and patios to minimize any hazards for buyers and yourself when you prepare to move.
     Always keep in mind your goal is making your house a clean slate for your buyer to fill with the new life they will have there.

     - by Michele Renatta