Addition Design & Build

Rules And Considerations For Additions:

  • Define what it is you actually need (for example an extra bedroom for a child). Do not get into what elements fit where and how the elements will look. Initially just define what is needed and the fit and look will happen as the footprint is developed.
  • Do not break the traffic flow of the house. Try to enhance it, if possible.
  • Simpler construction will cost less. If you have the realestate to build out, do that instead of building up. Building overhead is more labor intesive, structurally more demanding and is much more intrusive to the houshold (unless no one is living in the home).
  • One of the most complex parts of an addition can be designing the roofline. To make the addition look like it has always been there and is intregal to the building is a goal that can be easy or very difficult.
  • Building a 2 story addition can have the added problem of looking like a tower tacked on to a one-story structure. There are special design considerations to mitigate this problem.